Vegetable Crops For Beginners

07 Vegetable Crops For Beginners

Vegetables are the main component of your home garden. A vegetable is not just a thing that lets you have food, but a feature that can beautify your yard. Therefore, you need to plant vegetables in the garden with a good variation. These 07 crops will guide you as a beginner.


It is high in calcium which can provide your calcium requirements for the body. Also, it contains vitamins A, B6 and C. The vegetable is recommended for kids because of its natural value.

Usually, this plant is better as a pot plant.  Broccoli is considered as a low temperate vegetable which means it requires cold temperature for the flowering. If your place is having a temperature above that, you will have to plant Broccoli under artificial circumstances which mean net house conditions. 

You should start planting this plant at the end of the winter or beginning of the spring expecting the best climatic conditions.

If you intend to satisfy the calcium need for your family, you will need at least two plants per member. If you can provide a nursery period for the plants, you will be able to earn vigorous plants in a short period.

As a vegetable gardener, it will be enough to provide 8-inch containers for the plants.

Also, the plant needs about 85 days to grow. When it comes to pests, there are two pests for this crop, cutworms, cabbage loopers that you can control by handpicking.   After 85 maximum days, you will get get a delicious vegetable for your family.

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It is a necessity to provide your family with something with peas. The crop is considered as one of the best legume crops that you can plant in the spring. 

The most important thing regarding this crop is that you can grow them even when it is snowing.  You should make the necessary arrangements before the snowing. 

The plants can fix the atmospheric nitrogen. Peas have an astonishing ability to increase soil fertility as well. 

You will get so much protein with this fantastic vegetable crop. Even if you are a vegetarian, you will be able to get the required protein need from this particular crop.

A sunny location is better for planting the seeds. Usually, peas are cultivated on raised beds. If you are bothering the snow, you will have to plant before the snowing period.

However, the emerging seedlings won’t be troubled by the storm.  You will be able to get the products after 60 to 75 days after the planting date.

The usual pests will be pod borers and the moths. The climatic factor you need to be watchful is the sunlight. Once the temperature turns into 21C, the plants will shut down the pod filling.


It is a vegetable that contains high amounts of carbohydrate, vitamins, and proteins. If you are looking for a legume crop with a green finish, this will be the best crop you can plant in your vegetable garden.

Usually, beans can be planted in many environmental conditions. When it comes to the hot climate, the plants will bear more yield.  There are many beans verities for bean: long bean, bushy type, creeper type.

You will have to wait for 50 to 55 days until the pod bearing. The plant should have a 12-inch root area for its robust root system. So, a pit is the best way to plant the seedlings.

Beans usually require low maintenance practices. However, you will have to add the fertilizer if the plants have less nutrition level. Watering and weeding requirements are also low. 

Also, you should provide the necessary support to the creepers if you have selected the bush or creeper verities. Plastic poles or wood poles can be used as support.

You can identify the crucial time to be harvested by the pod filling. The most pests are worms and moths. You can use a suitable organic pesticide for the pests if the density is higher.

Brussels sprouts

The delicious vegetable is one of the most favorite food for children. It contains lots of minerals, vitamins, and fiber needed for the optimum digestion.

If you have kids in the family, you will be able to provide the best for your kids with Brussels sprouts. Usually, it takes more than 80 days to harvest, which means you have to wait until three months since the planting date.

Brussels sprouts should be planted at the end of the winter for proper harvesting. If you are going for another season, you will have to provide other artificial factors along with the light.

Brussels sprouts are needed a transplanting practice due to the weaken rooting system. You need to raise them in a raised bed for about 14 days.  After reaching about 2 to 3-inch height, it is better to transplant the seedlings in a pot.

The pot has to be filled with 8 to the 10-inch mixture for facilitating the optimum soil conditions.

If you are going to use the leaves of Brussels sprouts, you should leave the upper leaves that protect the plants from the snow.  The cabbage worm is the natural enemy for the crop.


Indeed, this might be the reason why you have started vegetable gardening in the first place. Tomatoes are not just vegetables but a healthy fruit as well. It is usually favorable for most of the environmental conditions.

This fantastic plant variety has got a mixture of fiber, magnesium, niacin, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, B6 and C. Also tomatoes have antioxidant lycopene that can ensure you to have a healthy life.  

Even if it is the hottest period for your area, you will be able to practice successful cultivation in your garden. Although there are not any specific dimensions for the roots, you are recommended to cultivate them in the pods.

 Even if it is the roof where you are going to cultivate this fantastic crop, you can place the plant in a pot. An 18-inch depth of the container will ensure the best harvest. Also, two plants can manage the same space in the weeds.

Although frequent fertilization is not required, organic manure will do the trick. The tomato hornworm is the naturally born pest for tomatoes that do the damages for the plants. You can either use natural repellants or chemicals to control the cost.


Vegetable Crops For Beginners

Not only the bunnies but your kids will love this fantastic vegetable. Carrots have earned their titles a plant and a new thing for consuming.

This amazing vegetable has been able to decorate the dishes of people all around the world. Although it is considered as a food with a bit of higher sugar amounts, it delivers fiber, manganese, niacin, potassium, and vitamins A, B6 and C. The dietary fiber will help you to solve many digestion problems of your kids.

Carrots can be planted in different types of climatic conditions. Although it is hot or the cold season of the year, you can plant this vegetable. But you need to remember that the diagonal temperature difference is a factor that affects the growth of the yam.

The underground part won’t develop without a considerable temperature difference in the temperature.  The seedlings must go through a nursery period to ensure healthy and vigorous plants.

The beds should be prepared with the ventilated soil to ease the rooting.  You should be careful when extracting the seedlings from the foundations.  After 60 to 75 days, the harvesting can be done.


When it comes to green crops, your kid won’t love it for sure. But, providing enough association in the vegetable gardens will provide a good impression for them.

Spinach has been a regular service provider for mineral needs. You will be able to find it as a decoration material for your vegetable garden as well.

Spinach is considered as a hot season vegetable which requires the hot climatic factors for their growth.  Usually, the crop can be harvested after 50 to 60 days from the planting date. 

The seeds can propagate the plants. You can plant them directly in the field. The media has to be rich in organic matter. It requires less management practice. Hand weeding can be practiced when there is the need to protect from weeds. 

Fertilization is not a common thing needed for spinach. If you feel the soil fertility is less in the beds, organic manure will suffice the necessary nutrients.

Final Thoughts

Although these 07 crops will not be able to provide the exact nutrients for your diet, they are indeed an excellent selection for a beginner

The fewer management practices, less fertilization, watering, ability to plant in any soil condition, tolerable to many diseases, high pest resistivity like factors have put these crops up in the list.

Although you have anything special in the region or a better plant for the climatic requirements, you can try these things with the knowledge you have.

Sometimes these crops have been identified in different names. Therefore Googling the titles will tell if this is the crop you already know.

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