Mushrooms Growing In The Fiddle Leaf Fig Pot: What To Do?

Do you have any suggestions about removing the fungus in fiddle leaf fig soil? Were you aware that fungus can grow in your soil? Is this anything that has happened to you? When you go to water your fiddle, you see that mushrooms have sprouted in the potting. 

Perhaps you’ve noticed white mold developing on the surface of your soil. Alternatively, you may notice unexpected brown stains on your leaves. In this article, we will talk about what to do when mushrooms grow in the fiddle leaf fig pot?

Why Are Mushrooms Growing On My Fiddle Leaf Fig Pot?

A fungal infection can grow from the roots to the leaves of fiddle leaf figs when they are overwatered. Also, fungus thrives in darkness. So these things will be causing the leaves to become brown and eventually fall off.

How Do You Get Rid Of Mushrooms in Fiddle Leaf Fig?

You have a few options for removing mushrooms in your fiddle leaf fig pot. Let’s look at what you can do to keep your fiddle leaf fig pot safe.

Over-watering should be avoided.

Fungus indicates over-watering, which can lead to root damage, so it’s best to catch it early. It’s easy to care for our plants by watering them more frequently than they require. When I was younger, I used to over-water my houseplants because I was so concerned about them. Over-watering, however, can cause significant damage that is difficult to repair. Under-watering your fiddle leaf fig is preferable to over-watering it.

Ascertain that your plant receives lots of bright, indirect light.

When determining how much light a fiddle leaf fig plant needs, there are several factors to consider. Getting enough natural light for your houseplants might be challenging, especially during the winter. One of the most prevalent concerns with fiddle leaf figs is a lack of sunshine, which causes yellowing, brown patches, and leaf drops. Your plant will be healthier and more resistant to other problems if it receives plenty of sunlight. Preparing a suitable environment for your new fiddle leaf fig plant is critical before bringing it home.

Make a thorough examination of your other plants.

Fungus, like bacteria, can travel from one plant to another. Inspect a new plant for symptoms of fungal development or infection before taking it home. When you first bring new plants home, keep them away from your current houseplants for a few weeks, and if you spot fungus forming on one of your houseplants, remove it from the rest of your plants to avoid the fungus from spreading.

Following these instructions, you can avoid mushrooms growing on your fiddle leaf fig pot.

Are Mushrooms Harmful To My Fig Plant?

They won’t harm the plants, but they could be harmful, so keep that in mind if you have little children or pets that might be interested and try them. Mushrooms and fungi thrive in moist to wet soil. They eat rotting organic matter and are harmless to plants.

Mushrooms Growing In The Fiddle Leaf Fig Pot: What To Do?

What You Can Do To Stop Mushrooms Growing In Houseplant Soil?

Drench the soil with fungicide.

Drenching the soil of houseplants with fungicide may assist in eliminating mushrooms, but the mushrooms will reappear if not all of the fungus is eliminated.

Change the soil

Changing the soil could aid in the removal of mushrooms. One of the issues is that removing all of the dirt from a plant’s roots is unhealthy since the fungus may still be there and sprout from the soil left on the houseplant’s roots.

Scrape the soil

Scraping the top 2 inches of soil from the houseplants container and replacing it may help, but the fungus may reappear, and the mushrooms will return.

Can Fiddle Leaf Figs Be Repotted?

You can re-pot your fig into a container up to a few inches larger if it has outgrown its pot. Fiddle leaf figs must be reported every 1-2 years on average. Please pay attention to the following details when choosing the proper pot.

Don’t go overboard with the size of your pots, as this can lead to root rot. The new pot should be no more than 6 inches larger in diameter than the old one. At Home Depot, most large fiddle leaf fig trees come in 12- or 14-inch planters, so a 16- or 18-inch pot will suffice.

How To Re-pot A Fiddle Leaf Figure?

4 inches of soil should be added to the new container.

Take the plant out of its previous container.

Fill the new container with soil and place the plant inside.

Give your plant plenty of water.

Allow your plant to dry before draining the reservoir.

Wait a month before fertilizing.

The Best Soil For Fiddle Leaf Figs?

Fiddle leaf figs require a well-draining, high-organic-matter potting medium. It’s best to use peat-based soil with some perlite. With good reason, this is staple fare for most indoor potting mixtures. 2/3 peat to 1/3 perlite is a good starting point.


Do I need to get rid of the mushrooms in my plant?

They won’t hurt your plant, but they’re poisonous to humans and animals if consumed. Scraping off the top layer of dirt is the most straightforward approach to getting rid of them. In severe circumstances, you may need to entirely re-pot the plant. They have a habit of returning, so be on the lookout.

Will mushrooms hurt my potted plants?

No. As mentioned above, mushrooms won’t hurt your plant.

What does a diseased fiddle leaf fig look like?

Yellowing of the leaves, in addition to brown spots, is a telltale indicator of bacterial leaf spots in your Fiddle Leaf Fig. The leaves of root rot are generally dark green with brown spots, whereas the leaves of bacterial leaf spots turn yellow as the brown spot spreads.

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