Greenhouses for Home Gardening

A greenhouse is a structure that has been constructed with walls and mainly with transparent materials. They are made for various purposes, being able to facilitate extra protection, providing conditions more focused and the ease of management. The walls, roof and the floor are considered as the necessary features for these structures.

Also, you can add more features such as media to the plants, aquaculture, ventilation system, foot bath and the equipment room. As a person who is looking forward to building a greenhouse for your home garden, all you need to create are a small feature that can make the conditions of the climate artificially.

When it comes to the size of the greenhouse or the glass` house, you can create houses which range from a small shed to the industrial building that is massive unto acres of land usage. Also, the expenditure is the primary concern when building a glasshouse or a greenhouse. You may make a greenhouse with the cheap material that can fulfill your intentions for a long time and a conservatory with all the facilities that can long for a more extended period. these are called polytunnel too.

Greenhouse for Your Home Garden

History of Greenhouses

The exact time of the structures known as greenhouses is still doubtful because even the earliest men have been using similar strategies to protect the plants. However, the written proof for a greenhouse dates back to the ancient Roman.

It is said that there has been an emperor known as Tiberius who had the desire to eat food similar to cucumber. As it had been a necessity to provide that vegetable to his daily consumption, the vegetable had been cultivated with great care.

Similar structures to the modern-day greenhouses had been built to provide the sunlight and the other factors. The wheels had been attached to these carts, which is easy to give the sunlight where it is available as well.  After the harvesting, these cucumbers had been stored in the rooms which were known as cucumber rooms for the ease of management and to provide the protection from the pests. It is said that the gardeners had glazed the rooms with an oiled cloth known as Specular.

The heated greenhouses are found in Korea that dates back to 1450 of human civilization. They have worked to provide the extra heat to their plants to get the yield in the winter. Also, it had been practiced by the royals to have a higher yield as well as inducing the flowering and protecting the plants with great care.  What they had used as the strategy was to introduce oiled windows to provide the humidity in the chambers. It is reported that the mandarin orange yield had increased due to these practices.

Although it had taken a bit of time to transfer this technology to Europe, they had started this fantastic technology in the 1700s to get a high yield. The fundamental problem of the Englishmen and the Netherlands was the struggle to provide the heat and the RH in the winter season when the temperature is almost in negative values.

The first heat garden is believed to have built in the Chelsea Physic Garden in 1671. However, after so many evolving processes, they have developed a green system where the national fruit and vegetable production has increased by millions.

Factors Need to Be Considered

Other than the protection, a greenhouse is a place where most of the people expect to provide conditions in an artificial manner. The most important thing you need to remember when building such a structure is that the temperature or the light is not the things that you can control.

Ventilation, heating, lighting, cooling, carbon Dioxide, and the diseases are the main things that you get as the control measure. Although what you are going to build is a small greenhouse for your home garden, you will need to be aware of facilitating these factors in a controlled manner.

Also, it is essential to skip unnecessary elements, as well. For example, if you are a person who lives in Texas, the heating factor will not be a specified thing to be considered. Similar to this, if you are living in a higher elevation, it will not be necessary to look for the roof if the rain is a limiting factor.


Drainage and the ventilation are two o the most important factors for a farmer. Although the drainage of the soil is a thing you can control after so many efforts, you will not have the ability to control ventilation unless you have a greenhouse. The ventilation is the process of circulating the airflow. It helps the plants to breathe the new air as well.

The temperature and the humidity are two dependent factors of the ventilation. If you don’t provide adequate airflow to the greenhouse, it will be the commencement of many problems. The higher amount of humidity will be a better ground for some of the pathogens that can cause damage to the protected house.

Not only the protection to the plants, but the ventilation allows the plants to have fresh air for the photosynthesis. Also, an improved ventilation system will let your plants to have good pollination as well. Most importantly, the enhanced ventilation may facilitate the pollination for the plants that require agents.

Although the necessary ventilation can be provided without machines, you may use one if there is a necessity. For example, ventilation fans are being used to remove the heat from the protected house. The inner air flow is connected with the outside to remove the heated air. Also, it is a successful practice in areas where there is a higher temperature.

The number of fans is a thing you need to reconsider when building a safe house. Also, if the ventilation fan is not required to function every time, you will find automated fans which can operate only with the heat increasing. Even if you are a person who loves having a greenhouse to your home garden, the ventilation system is a must-to-have feature in the structure.


Heading Control Methods

Heating is considered as one of the essential features of a greenhouse. Although the heating is not the primary concern of the countries in the Eastern part of the world, the necessity of a greenhouse represents the heating of a greenhouse all other regions in the world.

Temperature is the main thing needed to be maintained in the winter. As farmers are trying to cultivate the crops that are not suitable to the region, they need a stable solution for the heat.

When it comes to the implementation, concrete walls have to be built when establishing the greenhouse. The wall should either be created using a solid material as a solution to this. Otherwise, there is a risk of draining the conserved heat to the outer surrounding.

When there is a need for extra heat to be provided to the protected house, you will have to provide natural gas or electric furnaces. Although these things can be applied to the commercial level, you will need something cheaper than this as you cannot bear huge expenses to get vegetables for a reasonable price.

The solar energy healing methods are now being popular among people because of the fewer expenses. Also, the farmers have good results with the live-stock heating methods as well. For example, you may set-up a chicken coop inside the protective house to retain the heat.

However, it is important to remember that those methods may cause extra expenses due to the spread of diseases to both you and the crops. As a convenient way to deliver the heat, geothermal heating is being popular as well.


Lighting Methods

When there is enough light, you will not need anything else for sure. Also, weed growth is a major problem for both light and nutrients. The best way to provide the light in the greenhouse is the natural sunlight where the plants can cooperate sunlight with other limiting factors such as humidity, temperature, and the media. When the light becomes a limiting factor in some parts of the year, a greenhouse should be able to provide the light as needed. For example, winter is a period when most of the plants struggle to get light. What they try to do is to survive a hard time. As a person who expects a high yield, you should facilitate the lights artificially.

Most importantly, there are many ways you can do that. The LED lights have been a popular way to provide artificial sunlight. They can be switched on in the night time. When it comes to the high accuracy of the sunlight crops such as floricultural plants and commercially valuable plants, you may install an automatic system to facilitate that.

As a home gardener, you might not be able to get the light for a price. What you can do is to save money, building the structure with a high exposure rate. For example, if you are looking for a high amount of light to the crops, the transparent polythene will be a perfect choice. Also, that will be more productive if you use polythene as a foldable design.

When there is sunlight, you may fold the polythene, so the plants will get natural light as it is. Also, you may use a lighting system related to solar power, which can provide artificial light to your crops.


It is also an essential feature of the greenhouse. You may need the cooling for many other purposes such as pollination, flowering, root growth, and pod filling. Increasing the cooling condition is an excellent way to control the pests as well. Other than that there are two types of plants in the world, the cooler condition favour plants and hot conditions favoured plants.

When it comes to gardening in Asia and the sub-region countries, the reduction of the temperature has become a significant concern. There are some pests such as Galle-midge, leaf miner, and moths that cannot survive in the cooler conditions. Therefore you need to possess the control of cooling conditions for sure.

The most convenient way to reduce heat is to open the windows. When there is a higher temperature in the outside, you will have to go for other options such as sprinklers and heat controlling fans. They can either be established manual or automatic.

Many sensors are in the market that can be used to monitor the sudden changes in the temperature. When it come s to the greenhouses in the commercial level, you may use fully-automatic controllers to have an enhances service.

Lath Houses

If you are a home gardener, it will be necessary to keep the budget at a low level as it is the main concern. Whatever the region where you live, you may use conventional strategies to control the temperature in lower stats.

The lath houses are common structures in Asian countries because of the fewer expenses. All you need to do is to create the greenhouse using laths. When there are so many wooden features in the greenhouses, the ventilation and the heat will be less than the outside. There are a few disadvantages, such as the inability to cover the greenhouse completely, high risk of pests and diseases.

Carbon Dioxide

Although it has not passed since the verification of Carbon Dioxide need for the crops, the world has taken many steps to enrich the plants with the Although Carbon Dioxide. It is not a thing that requires a single activity, but for all the metabolism function of the plants.

Other than that, you may have plenty of benefits with the Although Carbon Dioxide enrichment such as the less consumption of water, higher yield, and the resistance to pests. As a factor which is all over the world for free, you will not need to provide Although Carbon Dioxide manually.

What you can do is to increase the airflow and the ventilation inside the greenhouse. It will be better to leave some ventilation holes in the greenhouse to keep a constant airflow.

Also, the most important thing you need to remember is that carbon dioxide has become a limitation in the greenhouses where the atmosphere is controlled in a closed manner. Although the soil fertility and the pests can be controlled in that greenhouse, you will not be able to provide carbon dioxide effectively.

When it comes to the latest technology, there are some of the massive greenhouses that have been established near sugar cane cultivations. The main purpose of them is to provide the carbon dioxide supply effectively. It has been found as a fine way to control the carbon dioxide imbalance as well. As a home gardener, you might not need to provide carbon dioxide in an artificial or a controlled manner. The best way is to give enough ventilation to the greenhouse.

Pests and Diseases

A greenhouse is the best strategy to get away from the pests and diseases. Also, a greenhouse acts as a barrier to the natural agents who transmit diseases to the plants. According to the level of the measure, you have taken, the plants will be free from pests and diseases. For example, if you are maintaining a greenhouse without any bond with the outside environment, you will get a less chance of diseases to the plants. Including a primary room when entering the greenhouse will facilitate to get rid of the pests as well.

A DIY Greenhouse for Your Home Garden


If you are a person who seeks a low budget greenhouse, you will be able to collect thousands of resources from your home to build your own greenhouse. What you need to remember is that money is not the only thing that can provide the necessary protection, but your ideas.  The intention of home gardening is itself to save money. Then there will not be any necessity to expend unnecessary money for the greenhouses. These ten ideas will blow your mind for sure, and you will get your own ideas along with these hints as well.

Umbrella Greenhouse

Umbrella Greenhouse

When it comes to basics, what you are looking from a basic greenhouse is the protection from rain and snow. Then you can create an impressive greenhouse with a broken umbrella. All you need to do is to remove the remaining cloth of the umbrella and replace it with transparent polythene. Then you will be able to create a perfect shelter for the plants at your home. These small structures will beautify your home garden with a huge quantity.

Portable DIY Greenhouse Kit

As a home gardener, space will be a limiting factor for sure. As you need to maximize the space at your home garden, you will need to avoid a greenhouse at backyard than having one. What if you can design a foldable or a portable greenhouse? It is a possible thing to create with PVC pipes and polythene. You may use it for the necessary crops once it is needed.

Baby Greenhouse

It has been a popular one among the people who live in flats. The best thing about this design is its size. The small-sized greenhouse looks a showcase where the plants are stored. You will be able to have a durable design by including plastic and glass that are resistant to water and sunlight. The terrace or the balcony will be home to these kinds of designs.

Waterproof UV Protected DIY Greenhouse

UV Polytunnel

The more you have needed, the more you will have to expend money. When it comes to pests and diseases, this model will be an amazing thing. All you need to do is to build the structure as the firsts step. You may use PVC or wooden parts to create the frame. Then the cover should be created using polythene with a low gauge. The thickness can be varied according to the climatic assets.

DIY Greenhouse at Home

Your house is one of the best places where the plants can get high protection. If you are running out of space in the garden, you will be able to arrange one of the rooms to place the plants. You may use some racks to place the plants as well. The most important thing is the light when it comes to your home, you may use some glasses at the roof to facilitate the light. It will bring more elegance to your house as well.

Dumped CD Cases Greenhouse.

CD cases Greenhouse.

When it comes to the dumping materials, you will get so many CD cases at your home. They can be used to create your own greenhouse. Thirty upcycled CD cases will do the job that can facilitate the protection for 03 flower pots at your home. It is transparent, free from holes, and you can manage it as a propagation house as well.

DIY Barn Greenhouse

When the height becomes a matter, you will be able to turn the usual barn into a considerable height. Along with enough wood, you will be able to maintain a high value for RH and the temperature below the atmospheric level. Also, you may add necessary features such as windows and doors as you like. The arched designs for the roof will make it adjustable to different climatic and weather conditions.

Wooden-Dome Greenhouse

If you are looking for a temporary structure, the wooden framed dome greenhouse will make you satisfied for sure. The most impressive thing with the DIY design is the ability to build in less time. The frame has to be arranged with enough space where the polythene is needed to be fixed. It will protect your crops from rain, pests, and heavy sunlight.

Mason Jars Greenhouse

Unlike most of the things, size doesn’t matter. The best example for a greenhouse in a weird size is Mason jars greenhouse which can be created using the jars. It will perform similar purposes what other greenhouses fulfill. It can be recommended as a perfect one for retaining the soil moisture. Also, you will find this model as a good one to grow roots in less time.

Window Greenhouse

There will be so many repaired or removed windows at your home for sure. If you have more than a couple of windows that have been remade, you will be able to create an embracing structure for your plants. The more the windows can be found, the more space will increase. As the lighting is an important factor, the glass will allow sufficient space to penetrate the light. If you are interested in creating a closed structure, a simple roof will complete the design.

Build a Greenhouse with Just 06 Steps

Although you can purchase or build a commercial level greenhouse for your home garden. It will be more convenient and less expensive to create your own greenhouse in the home garden. It is not about rocket science nor time-consuming thing if you have the proper understanding. These ten steps will take you to an embracing greenhouse at your home garden

Choosing the Best Design

Although it sounds easy, it is not. You will not be able to get the best without a proper idea. Selecting the best design is a thing you need to after a wide range of comparison. It is a process where many points have to be considered. The intention, features, windows, doors, security measures, and the size are the things you need to consider.  The budget you have is also a factor that needs to be considered.  If it is difficult to conclude the designs into a final one, it will be better to contact a specialized person.


There is much hardware that needs to be fixed in the greenhouse. For example, you will have to fix the windows and a door as the minimum requirement. You should have an idea about the materials as well as the brands of such things. When things get more complicated, you will need to get a deeper look at the hardware. For example, you will need ventilation fans and such materials when facilitating higher protection to the plants. They need to be purchased with a warranty as well.  It will be better if you can purchase this hardware from the accepted brands as most of them are having warranties with durability. It is also up to you select the nuts and bolts that match with that hardware.

Choosing the Covering

When it comes to the roofing or the covering, it is considered as one of the essential things for a greenhouse. Although you might not have a reliable thought of having an exact covering material, it will be better if you observe the greenhouses at the area. Because sunlight is the main factor when selecting a roofing material. The percentage of sunlight needs to be received is a vital factor that needed to be considered. A number of layers or the gauge of the polythene will be able to control that.

Cooling and ventilation

You should have a ventilation system for the greenhouse you are going to build. If it is required a systemic approach, you will have to fix ventilation fans as well. However, it is up to you if it is going to be automatically controlled with a high expenditure or a manually functioning fan. Cooling is not an essential thing in the greenhouse. As a home gardener, you might not have to tolerate such expenditure.  If you cultivate some of the rare plants or expensive crops, they will have to be fixed as well.

Other Systems

You will need to fix several other systems such as heating, media, infrastructure, and CO2. First, it is necessary to get an idea if those things are essential to your home garden. For example, carbon dioxide is not a thing that needs to be provided artificially. You will have to avoid those unnecessary features at a home garden. Then you should follow a service provided with a warranty. As most of the companies fix the systems according to a package, you will be able to get it done.


At present, you will be able to get two types of structure, the designs that can be purchased from the market and your own designs. As you have already followed a proper path, it will not be a hard thing to do. It would help if you fit the frame first of all. Then you can go to the other sections. There may be things that need to be fixed by an operator. The cooling system, ventilation, and heating systems will need operator handling. When it comes to the budget green housing, you will not need such things for sure. All you have to do is to cover the frame using a proper material.

Final Thoughts

Greenhouses are the best things that you need to possess when it comes to ultra-protection. Although it is an asset for those who facilitate products related to the floriculture, you might have seen greenhouses or the associated structures to be used in the vegetable and fruit production.

Greenhouses are designed to provide artificial conditions to the plants. They are capable of facilitating light, temperature, relative humidity, and the protection from pests and diseases basically. Although whatever the region you are living in the world, you will be able to provide climatic conditions that are away from your area with a greenhouse pretty smoothly. As a home gardener, these things will do an extra job indeed. But, you should not expend money unnecessarily for the features which will only consume your money.

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