How To Maintain Swiss Cheese Plant Vine Care 2022

Swiss Cheese Plant Vine is a fine choice as an indoor plant. This article will explain how to maintain Swiss Cheese Plant Vine care.

If you have had enough plants in your home garden, you will know how crucial to refer to the Monstera delicious. This plant is a relative of the Monstera deliciosa with some elegant features. If you are looking for a plant to decorate your indoors, the Swiss Cheese Plant Vine will have to be a choice of yours. The secret to the perception of a good plant lies in the factors you maintain. Following factors will be crucial when providing.


Light is one of the main factors you have to take care of. As you know, the Swiss Cheese Plant Vines are native to rain forests in South America. It means that you have to control the light. As the vines, they should be kept away from the direct sunlight. Direct sunlight can destroy the greenish vines in a short time. Therefore, the best thing to do is to locate them near the windows.

Watering is also crucial for Swiss Cheese Plant care

If you are wondering how often should I water the Swiss Cheese Plant Vine, that will depend on the moisture of the soil. As an indoor plant, you must be adding more water to the indoor plants than the home garden plants. The most important thing to note is that you should avoid letting the soil dry. If your fingertips don’t feel the dryness, you will have to add water.

Humidity Maintenance

AS you already know, Swiss Cheese Plant Vines prefer the South American rain forest conditions, which means you have to provide high temperature along with humidity. Since the indoors are usually hot and consist of high humidity, you will not have to mind this factor at all. But, if you are using Air Conditioning, you will have to add more water to the plants to maintain the high humidity around the plant.

Adding Fertilizer

The addition of the nutrients is essential for the Swiss Cheese Plant Vine care. But, you have to remember that the plants have a higher vegetation growth than other domestic plants, which requires more Nitrogen for the growth. Therefore, urea or similar fertilizers should be used for the plants. When it comes to Potassium and Sulphur nutrients, you will be able to use ornamental fertilizers for the Swiss Cheese Plant Vines.

The requirement for fertilizer depends on the size of the plant. If you use Dyna-Gro Grow fertilizer, you will have to add it along with the watering for grown plants. Also, it will be enough for the entire nutrient need of the plant.  ¼ of the teaspoon will be enough per gallon.  

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The Swiss Cheese Plant care is an easy thing to do. If you have plenty of experiences with other indoor plants, the water, nutrition, humidity, like all the controllable factors, are always easy to handle. Even if you forget to do that, taking back to the normal mode will not be a hard thing to do with Swiss Cheese Plant care.

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