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Home Garden planning from scratch [ Beginner Guide ]

A well-structured plan is an ultimate secret for a stunning garden. You have to do the planning with great care. If you have an idea already, you will be able to skip several steps.

But, it doesn’t mean that you can proceed to the executing part suddenly.  the home garden planning consists of several steps such as site selection, soil classification, deciding crops to grow, placement of plants, crop calendar, quality & quantity, and the budget.

Even though it is a plan for a home garden, you will be able to achieve tremendous results with a good idea.

Site Selection

Site selection is the very first thing you need to do when planning a home garden. If you are going to select a site for your home garden, you will have to re-consider several factors such as soil, sunlight, water availability, and the entrance.

Having these things fulfilled means you have had a stunning entry towards the home gardening.

Soil is the most important.

Soil is the primary factor you have to consider. It should be plentiful from organic matter.

Other than that, loose, leveled, and well-drained solid characters are optimum for most crops.

The places where soils stays are not recommended for a home garden. Another thing you need to remember is selecting a vibrant place where the natural fertilized elements are common.

The best way to identify a better site is to observe an area with lots of weeds. If there are no weeds in a particular place, it means that it is not even suitable for vegetable crops as well.

Sunlight is essential too.

Sunlight is one of the most crucial factors for a home garden. Although the shade is favorable for most of the flowering plants, sunlight is thoroughly needed for vegetables.

If the selected place is near buildings or huge trees, you will have to go to another location.

The thing you need to remember is that shade is favorable for you, not for the vegetables.

Water Availability

Home Garden planning from scratch [ Begginer Guide ]

A permanent water source should be available near the home garden. Although you should not provide the water to plants, you sometimes have to supply water in the dry seasons continuously.

If you are in an area where water supply is hard, you will have to consider the crops in the later stages.

Most of the home gardens can survive without water. But, continuous water supply can enhance the advantages by a considerable margin.

Opting The Size Of The Land According To Several Factors

It is such an important factor when implementing the plan. You should have a clear picture of the big image. Size always matters in home gardening. Time availability, space availability, family availability, market availability, and the availability of the reason for home gardening are the most discussable factors in this stage.

The more you have the numbers in high digits for those factors, the more you can extend the land for your home garden.

Time Availability

Even if you get to think of this specific factor at this stage, it is also a thing you need to save lots of think time.

Time is essential in many ways. If you don’t have time to dedicate for home gardening, the whole process will undoubtedly be messy.

What you can do is to share a considerable amount of time for home gardening. Even though it is the last time a person can sacrifice, you can do it smartly. The selection of vegetables depends on the way you save time for home gardening.

For example, you have to look after shrubs and some plants like kids of yours. They require constant care for better growth. On the other hand, some yam species require only the time for cultivating. Weeding, watering, fertilizing, and pest management requirements are at a low level.

Space Availability

It is a factor that cannot decide but adapt your resources. Although space is a highly attentive thing in traditional farming, modern farming, or home gardens have plenty of solutions.

But, you have to manage other factors parallel to the space you have. For example, although you can’t extend the land of 10 purchases, you can change how the vegetables are being planted.

If it is not eligible in horizontal farming, you will get significant progress in vertical farming or cropping towers.

Family Availability

Labor availability for home gardening depends on the number of members you have in the family.

Because your family is the main strength of home gardening, it is better to have a clear understanding of the members that can pay their time for the home garden.

You need to deduct the members who are away and getting their education as they can’t serve for a home garden.

The more the members of your family, the more you can extend the area for the home garden.

Reason For Home Gardening

Although you have many intentions for home gardening, it can only be separated into two main parts: a commercial-level home garden or a home garden for family needs.

If you want to increase the income, you will have to select a considerable margin as your home gardening space. 

Most people cultivate in their backyard or front yard for the pleasure. The freedom they get in this activity will buy those lots of satisfaction indeed.  But, taking one small step ahead can make them a bit ahead in the level for sure.

Types Of Vegetables

Some vegetable varieties require more space than the usual vegetables. Spacing may vary from 15cm x 15cm to 3ft x 3ft according to the vegetable variety. 

Keeping your eye on the types will let you know if you need to extend the land you have. 

In addition to that, some vegetables need to be cultivated in the nurseries before field planting.  So, you will have to reserve additional space for those nurseries if you select such varieties.

Deciding The Crops For Your Home Garden.

The key material in your home garden is the vegetables. Even though there are other things in the garden, plants provide important stuff as outcomes.

If you are wondering what to grow in the specific space, these small things will fulfill your knowledge requirements.

The production you expect from the vegetables.

It can be selected into two main subcategories, quantity and quality. Even though you get lots of weights from some vegetables, their quality is low.

For example, you can get high production from the pumpkin, that particular product might not get a high demand from the market. If you have the same weight in watermelon, you will get a considerably higher income along with the application.

Time of the year you hope to cultivate

Re-arrangement of your home garden is a necessary thing at least twice a year. Some crops don’t yield at sometimes in the year. So, it is better to move with some yielding crops. Rain, the frequency of the sun rays, humidity. Wind and transferring agents decide when to cultivate specified crops in the calendar year.

Market demand

It differs from one place to another as well as the period of the year. Even though some crops gain a minor demand in the market, most plants get a different order throughout the year.

All you need to do is to identify the crops that match those requirements. Even though you don’t need to supply food from the market, you will need to look for those matters because your family members may represent the consumers.

Supplying The Needs For Home Gardening

This is the final stage in your home gardening. If you don’t have a proper way to proceed with the things needed for implementing the home garden, that will be a messy effort in all forms.

Planting materials, workforce, tools, and land are the things you need to start. You need to be ready with these things. Unless you don’t have these things, some neighbors will assist you for sure. Also, you can borrow them for some future harvest as well.  If you stay with the Internet and social media, you will get lots of knowledge regarding updating technology.

Planting materials

It is not about large-scale farming, which means you don’t need to have them on a large scale. Following some YouTube channels on the Internet will allow you to collect unique ways to provide planting materials.

There are many ways to find seeds, cuttings, roots, and propagating materials. Fermentation, drying, and withering will give you some quality materials at the kitchen itself. If you are interested in obtaining some quality assured seeds or propagating materials, you will be able to purchase them for a reasonable price. 

It will be enough to buy them only once as you can propagate them several times after the first cultivation.

Tools for the garden

These things must be supplied by yourself. If you burrow the tools needed for the home gardening, you will have to return them.

So, it is better to buy them from the market if you don’t have one. Buying will not be a waste of money but an investment for the home garden. 

Gloves, pruning scissors, loppers, gardening forks, hand shovels, spades, rakes, and hoes, watering cans are a few of the things you need for home gardening. If you are not a professional in using those tools, it will be just a matter of time until you find a proper YouTube channel to learn.

Work Force

The members of your family have to be the ultimate workforce for the home garden. Even though they are uninterested in the home garden, you should make them realize the importance of home gardening.

Also, this pandemic time is an optimum time to get the full use of the family workforce.  Spending a few hours in the home garden for a week is not a hard thing as well.

As a home garden planner, you should have the ability to manage your family. Appreciation and encouragement are the two primary qualities you should improve. 

Assigning the favorite segment for each member will work effectively in workforce management as well.

Land Preparation

Your land should be ready to serve your purpose of building a home garden. The soil should be in a great composition, waterlogging conditions have to be overcome, and the crop placements should be in the proper place per crop.

If you need some structures placed in the home garden, you will have to construct them before building the home garden. If you don’t have the necessary knowledge, one of your family will assist you in those tasks.

Arranging A Manure Pit Is Vital

It will provide the organic fertilizer for your home garden, but a pleasant way to dump the garbage as well.

If you don’t include a garbage pit or a compost pit in your home garden plan, you will have to find the solutions for the odor problems and the unpleasant flies. If you let it be further, neighbor complaints will be a common thing for sure. Digging up or setting up a compost pit is not a hard thing.

The Internet will provide lots of tutorials about those pits and properly maintaining them.

Keeping a compost pit will bring you many incredible advantages like organic manure, healthy vegetables, high demand from the market, and the improved bio-diversity cycle.

You will have a collection of choices as compost pits on the Internet. Selecting the best option will beautify your home garden with value addition.


Finally, you need to look at things for s second time. You might have missed some crucial elements in the home garden planning.

For example, fertilization, watering, weeding practices, irrigation, beautifying the home garden like factors may remain unsolved.

Keeping them well-organized will define a perfectly planned home garden. Now all the planning is concluded, and you can proceed to the next stage, the working out of your home garden.

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